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Cauldon Ceramics is best known for its Brown Betty Teapots and accessories. It is one of the producers of authentic and original Brown Betty Teapots, which are also known as Victorian teapots.

There are a variety of Brown Betty teapots which the company sells out. It includes Brown Betty Teapots with two colors and logos embossed ion it.

Brown Betty Teapots in Rockingham Brown color represents a chocolaty brown, globe-shaped teapot with a perfect spout and easy to hold handle.




Brown Betty Teapots in Cobalt Blue color shows up a very nice blue color, which looks pretty royal. It represents the modern Brown Betty for fully furnished kitchens.



Brown Betty Teapots with logo represents an embossed logo on the teapot, which looks really beautiful and unique from the other teapots.




The special collection of Brown Betty Teapots includes a different kind of teapot category like festive season teapot (Christmas special), teapots with infusers, Ian McIntyre teapot (Re-engineered Brown Betty Teapot).

We are the only official sellers of heather hills products in the US.

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