Heather Hills Honey


Which toast spread can be more natural than honey?

Here we have brought you the 100% pure, naturally processed and tasty Heather Hills Honey range.

There are certain qualities of Heather Hills Honey-

* Its production is done in the cleanest and unpolluted places of UK like Perthshire and Deeside, that's the main reason of its being so pure.

* The bees use the local flowers of farmhouses to make the honey, which increases its taste.

* The products also achieved great taste awards.

* The process of collecting and bottling honey is still traditional, so there would be no harm to its natural properties.

* Heather Hills Honey tastes delicious than the others because for its natural properties.

* It is useful for its healing and antibacterial properties.

Heather Hills also includes preserved products like orange marmalade also. Besides that, there is a cosmetic range also available including soaps, hand creams and many more, made from the local and fresh ingredients of heather hills farms.

We are the only official sellers of heather hills products in the US.

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Heather Hills Products