As most tea lovers need something to accompany their tea, what else can be the best option besides cookies and shortbreads?


Probably the most popular cookies in the United Kingdom are those which are made in Scotland, especially the Macleans brand from Highland Bakery.


Maclean's cookies and shortbreads are made by skilled bakers with the best ingredients. Their process of making the products are modern but they still use some traditional methods to make their products at the best.


There are some tricks used while making the product, like allowing extra time to mix ingredients, raising flour, slow baking, which makes the taste of biscuits exceptional.




There is a no. of variety in Cookies and shortbreads, with different flavors and types. Their products include Biscuits, Cookies, Shortbreads and Oat Cakes.



For that 'Maclean's' has made an official agreement with British delights, to sell the cookies & shortbreads in the US.

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