Stokes Sauces


Stokes is a Suffolk based company, which produces a wide range of delicious sauces in the UK. Stokes sauces are best selling products in the UK, because of its great taste and multiple uses in some of them. They can be used as a dip, sauce or glaze. 

Stokes sauces are produced with the farm fresh ingredients, and traditional methods, which keeps its original flavors and aroma remains.

Like its too famous tomato sauce is made with juicy Italian tomatoes, and Real-fresh Mayonnaise is made with fresh farm eggs from the UK, extra virgin olive oil from Greece and Brown sauce is made with real date puree. The products are wisely chosen and handpicked for these great recopies.

With modern techniques, Stokes still uses traditional ways like slow simmering, boiling and reduce to keep its unique and authentic taste remains.

They have the mouth-watering recipes for their sauces, kept safe in their saucery.

Stokes produces the finest sauces and preserves, could be bought in a jar. In addition, their Jars and packaging are recyclable and Eco-friendly also.


British Delights is the only company, who brings the taste of these delicious sauces in the US.

For that 'Stokes' has made an official agreement with British delights, to sell the tea in the US. 

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